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Henceforward: Love

Julian ProtheroeBy Alan Ayckbourn

Composer/Sound Designer
Derby Playhouse

Director: Karl Wallace

Ayckbourn's hit comedy is set in a future world where one man is finding it difficult to tell the difference between real people and machines.

Lonely composer Jerome lives with only a robot nanny for company. His wife and daughter have left him, but heís about to resort to some ingenious measures to get them back. In fact, itís amazing what you can do with a screwdriver and a couple of new micro chips...

Whilst having to create the futuristic, musical world of the playís leading character, Jerome, Henceforward was also Kelvinís first foray into sound design. To create the soundscape for this vision of the future was challenging and rewarding, and it proved to be an exciting extension of his compositional work.  Many thanks should go to his assistant designer, Bob Betts, without whom it may not have been the success it was.

ďAn intelligent, darkly comical entertainment and a theatrical tour-de-force...Ē
Derby Evening Telegraph

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