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Anthony Bunsee & Poppy Tierney: Photo by Robert DayBy Bram Stoker, adapted by Stephen Edwards

Composer/Musical Director
Derby Playhouse

Directors: Stephen Edwards & Uzma Hameed

Jonathan Harker sets out on a business trip to Transylvania leaving his fiancée, Mina, counting the days until his return.

The events that follow merge their lives with that of Count Dracula, whose diabolical passions prey upon the innocent, the helpless and the beautiful.

Dracula was Kelvin’s first theatre commission. Director’s Stephen Edwards and Uzma Hameed wanted to hint towards the Turkish background of Count Dracula, whilst also creating a Gothic mysticism to the piece, so Kelvin decided to feature the Turkish Mizmar, an oboe-like instrument, together with huge choral and orchestral sections. For the choral moments Kelvin with his wife, Linda Jane Holmes (who also appeared on stage as Nurse Grice) recorded the vocals with Kelvin adding the orchestral accompaniment, live.

"The atmosphere is enhanced by Kelvin Towse's dark score."
Derby Evening Telegraph

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